Lego Marvel Heroes Codes Xbox 360


lego Marvel Heroes Codes Xbox 360

the 'New York Event Deadpool' bonus mission. Unlockable How to Unlock Captain America's Bike Taxi the character at the Dockyard to his destination Chitauri Chariot Unfreeze 4 citizens who are frozen by Loki in Times Square Deadpool's Helicopter Complete a Deadpool mission in West Harlem Deadpool's. Red Skull: Complete Level 6 - 'Red Head Detention'. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function 5T3CQU - Avenging Cycle. Magneto: Complete Level 13 - 'Magnetic Personality'. Ant-Man: Collect the Ant-Man token in the Industrial District. Squirrel Girl: Collect the Squirrel Girl token on the docks, northwest of the 'Put Up Your Dukes' bonus mission. Doc Ock (Ultimate Complete Bonus Level - 'Tabloid Tidy UP'. Effect, password, avenging Cycle 5T3CQU, beetle, kXFQ87, black Cat, p9OWL0. The Destroyer (Playable Complete Level 7 - 'Bifrosty Reception'. Symbiote Scientist: Complete Level 3 - 'Exploratory Laboratory'. Tony Stark: Complete Level 5 - 'Rebooted, Resuited'. All other brands, logos, and/or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Jean Grey: Complete Level 8 - 'Juggernauts and Crosses'. Iron Man MK xlvii: Complete Level 5 - 'Rebooted, Resuited'. Studs x2, uzfbg4, war Machine, dominations Modded Apk Game tQ4C57, wolverine (With Hood Cowl). Symbiote Scientist Complete Level 3 - Exploratory Laboratory Symbiote Scientist Complete Level 3: Exploratory Laboratory Symbiote Scientist (Hazmat) Complete Level 3: Exploratory Laboratory Taskmaster Collect his token on a platform above the clouds east of Liberty Island The Destroyer (Playable). Iceman: Complete Level 8 - 'Juggernauts and Crosses'. Iron Man (Hulkbuster Land on the 'S' sign landing platform, then destroy ALL air vents around the 'S' sign. APC Collect its token in a building at the Raft.H.I.E.L.D. Ghost Rider Complete Bonus Level: Stunt Show Surprise Green Goblin Complete Level 9 - Doctor in the House Green Goblin (Ultimate) Collect his token in Bonus Level: Thrill of the Chess Groot After complete story mode, complete 3 missions receive. Storm: Complete Level 8 - 'Juggernauts and Crosses'. Abomination: Complete Level 4 - 'Rock up at the Lock up'. Kraven the Hunter: Collect the Kraven token by shooting the 5 targets next to the Godzilla-type icon at Central Park.
lego Marvel Heroes Codes Xbox 360
Additional, lEGO, marvel, superheroes Cheat, codes edit, pause the game, select the "Extras" option, and choose the "Enter Code" selection. Agent: Complete Level 10 - 'That Sinking Feeling'. Iron Man MK I: Complete Level 5 - 'Rebooted, Resuited'. Maria Hill: Complete her 3 missions on the Helicarrier. Electro: Complete Bonus Level - 'A Shock Withdrawal'. Sign Up or Log. Aldrich Killian: Complete Level 5 - 'Rebooted, Resuited'.
Doombot: Complete Level 9 - 'Doctor in the House'. Sandman: Complete Level 1 - 'Sand Central Station'. Iron Man (Mark 17 - Heart Breaker cK7SDS - Iron Man (Mark 38 - Hulkbuster) Q5X1J5 - Iron Patriot SZ8Q06 - modok 35E41W - Pumkin Chopper D5B7O3 - shield Staff Car SH9MZQ - Spider Bike wfozxq - Spider-Man gta Iv Hacked Mod (Future.
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  2. Complete Level 2 - Times Square Off Havok Collect his token in the Forest District Hawkeye Complete Level 3 - Exploratory Laboratory Heimdall Complete his 3 missions Howard the Duck Complete Bonus Level - Nuff Said Hulk Complete. Captain Britain: Complete Bonus Level - 'The Brick Apple'.
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  4. Lego, marvel, superheroes cheat codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for the. Captain America (Classic) 7HWU4L, carnage, aA0Z50, classic Thor, h8CSE6, howard the Duck. D5B7O3, spider Bike, sH9MZQ, spider-Man (Future Foundation wfozxq. Have We Been Fooled?